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croaker fishing

Croaker Fishing Rigs, Baits, Tackle, Setups, Sinkers and Hooks  for Surf and Pier Fishing

Croaker fishing is one of the mainstays of the surf fishing scene on the West Coast, and our specialist range of tackle, baits and ready-tied croaker rigs are specifically designed for catching lots of yellowfin and spotfin croaker in California. 


In particular, spotfin croaker require a subtly different approach to catch them regularly and, through our guiding services, we’ve developed rigs like the Single Dropper Loop specifically to catch big spotfin croaker.


The Croaker Rig Double Dropper Loop is the best yellowfin croaker surf fishing rig set-up in our range and has a great track record of putting lots of fish on the sand for customers and guided clients. Yellowfin croaker make great fish tacos, by the way.


The Single Dropper Loop is the most successful ready-tied for Spotfin Croaker. All croaker love Fishbites, too, with Sand Flea or Bloodworm the two best scents to try on any of the rigs listed below.

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