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"Had a great day fishing with American Sea Fishing. Ben was very professional and knew how to work with inexperienced and experienced people. We caught some great sharks throughout the day and everything was handled well"


Dirk, Ventura County, CA


"The BEST out there...five-star rating across the board!" 


Chad B, California

“American Sea Fishing never disappoints! We’ve taken multiple guided sessions and learned so much from every session...


I highly recommend booking a session if you want to expedite your learning process and get ahead of that learning curve, or if you’re an experienced angler looking for some action!”


Dario M, Newport Beach, CA


American sea fishing is the people to book. Ben is a incredible fisherman and got me hooked up on huge Leopord and soupfin sharks while I was there on vacation. I highly recommend using his charter !


Landyn Sellers, AL


If you want to learn how to get on the fish: Leopards, Spotfin & Yellowfin Croaker, Surf Perch, and more...Ben will be the go to guy.

My buddy and I wanted to learn how to catch the real Leopard sharks from shore, we reached out to Ben and he did not disappoint. He didn't just take us fishing, he taught us the techniques we can carry with us for a life time.


We have taken several friends/family fishing with us since then, using Ben's info and it has brought countless smiles to all involved. Just call Ben..........


Chris Detar, CA


Spent about a year talking to Ben and putting this trip together.  Then Covid hit and so it got pushed off another year and let me just say; it was worth the wait!  I had a blast fishing with and learning from Ben.

Spent a week fishing with him. Caught 20 different species;  3 species of sharks.  55" Leopard being a highlight for sure!  21.5" California Corbina! Also hit a 50.5" bat ray ≈125#!  What a fight! 


Epic week full of species and Big fish!  5 out of 5 stars for the knowledge and expertise Ben showed!  5 out of 5 on just him being a genuinely great guy!  Would recommend him any day of the week!


Stephen Wilkie, NE


New to surf fishing and after attempting to learn on my own by watching videos, reading suggestions on FB surf fishing groups and skunking for my first 8 attempts at surf fishing, I came across Ben and American Sea fishing and I booked Ben for a surf fishing lesson. Let me tell. You, it was well worth it. Ben's knowledge is immense. He passed on tips from putting on baits, which reels and rods to use, to the ideal water temperatures, tidal movements, wave heights, and identifying structures.


After a few hours of instruction, Ben had to leave and to my delight, I was able to catch two surf perch on my own using his instructions. I now feel confident to go on my own and catch fish. I do plan to book another guided tour because one session was not enough to capture all his knowledge.


Miguel M, CA

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