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As a fanatical surf angler, I know how vital it is to find that elusive color-size-action bait combo that fish like surf perch, bass, croaker, corbina and halibut have no hesitation in eating.


Especially when I'm guiding clients or tournament fishing, I want to be using baits that I trust 100% for maximum results, but I've found that surf-orientated plastics often lacked the finesse, color or action to generate the kind of reaction I wanted from wary fish. It's often  my job to get clients on fish in just a handful of hours, so bait choice really matters, but I was never quite happy with the options currently available.

After extensive testing and experimenting over multiple seasons, I'm excited to launch Shore Baits with Super Grubs – a range of finesse-friendly plastic grubs with an irresistible action, built-in salt shrimp attractant and unique color-flipping shades including glow-in-the-dark colors. They're simple to use but devastatingly effective, which is why they've become my #1 choice of surf fishing bait.

I've been using Super Grubs, the attractor beads and matching hooks everywhere I've fished in saltwater on the West Coast over the past couple of seasons, and they've caught some great fish for myself and my clients. I'll be relying on them in my 2024 tournament fishing and, regardless of your location or expertise, I'm sure you'll have similar results.

Ben - Shore Baits & American Sea Fishing owner and professional guide

Shore Baits Super Grubs

  • Finesse 35mm / 1.5" surf fishing baits for surf perch, croaker, corbina, halibut, bass and predators

  • Five proven shades with color-flipping & glow tech for maximum visual impact in all light conditions

  • Built-in salt shrimp attractant keeps the fish engaged for longer for more hook-ups

  • Ultra-tough construction withstands multiple fish but still emits triggering vibration and movement

  • Super-realistic curlytail imitates a range of fleeing baitfish, shrimp, worms, sand fleas and crabs

corbina surf fishing bait super grubs


Check out Super Grubs in action

IMG_6664 5_edited_edited.jpg

Get FREE surf fishing baits!

Caught a sweet fish on our baits? Send a quality shot of one of our baits in your catch's mouth and/or you with the fish, and we'll send you a free Shore Baits VIP Sample Pack. Send your catch shots and bait photos to:, tag us on Instagram @ShoreBaitsUSA or use the hashtag #ShoreBaitsUSA

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