We've put together the exact components needed to replicate our professional guide's favourite Light Line Carolina rig for surf fishing - ideal for fishing for Surf Perch (barred, walleye, shiner, pile, redtail etc), Croaker (yellowfin or spotfin), Corbina, California Halibut or any other similar species from the beach, jetty or pier.


Buying these items as a kit saves money and time, and with the components selected so they all work properly together, they'll help you catch more fish on your next trip to the beach too.


So, if you're looking to make the best surf fishing rig for any sort of small to medium-size species, this is a great option because the kit contains everything you need, including: the correct size egg sinkers, the perfect hooks for this style of fishing, specially-selected leader material, stainless steel swivels and clear beads for light line surf fishing.




  • Varivas Fluorocarbon Leader in 4.4lb or 7.2lb - premium Japanese fluorocarbon in a handy-size spool for travelling light
  • Tonago hooks, size 6 x 10 - the perfect size for rigging sand crabs, sandworms, bloodworm, squid strips, Fishbites strips or grubs
  • Coated egg sinkers 2 x 1/2oz & 2 x 3/4oz - camou coated to match a typical sandy beach for maximum stealth
  • Micro Swivels x 8 - ultra-stealthy, stainless steel microswivels with 30lb breaking-strain
  • Clear rigging beads x 100 - invisible beads to buffer sinker against swivel


The components have been selected by a professional surf fishing guide to be the very best you can get for light line surf fishing - including the use of a premium Japanese fluorocarbon leader material that has the same refractive index as water, making it undetectable and invisible to fish.


The egg sinkers have been custom coated to match a typical sandy beach for maximum stealth, which is a big edge for targeting shy-biting fish like corbina, Spotfin croaker and big surf perch in shallow water. 


The two sizes included in the kit - 1/2oz and 3/4oz - are ideal for most light spinning rod and reel combos.


The inclusion of the clear rigging beads and incredibly-strong stainless steel micro swivels complete the perfect set-up for anyone who wants to target light line surf species, no matter if you're a beginner or expert.


Recommended set-up: This kit is ideal for use with a 7-10' spinning rod rated for about 4-10lb or 6-12lb line and for casting 3/4oz weights - plus a small spinning reel loaded with 6-20lb braid or 4-10lb mono main line, with a 7-10' 5-10lb clear mono casting leader (like a short top-shot) tied to the rig swivel to take the force of the cast and for extra stealth.


Check out www.americanseafishing.com/videos for lots of light line surf fishing tips and head to our homepage for links to our guiding services, which run year-round for light line surf fishing trips and tuition in Southern California.


Light Line Surf Fishing Carolina Rig Kit / C-Rig Kit

Fluorocarbon Leader Strength

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