The new Impact Release Clip has been designed to accommodate a large hook - up to about 10/0 - when building a pulley rig set-up for surf fishing.


The improved clip is great for targeting larger fish (leopard sharks, smoothhound sharks, soupfin sharks, bat rays, butterfly rays, surf sharks etc) from the surf as it allows you to use a bigger hook compared to other designs, thus avoiding hooking nuisance fish such as small stingrays. 


The clip can also be used on any clipped-down rig featuring smaller hooks down to about size 8 for light line rigs, making it a truly versatile addition to your rig buillding armory. 


Simply clip the sinker - we recommend a long-tail sputnik-style model - to the metal clip, position the bottom hook in the slot on the rocker, and put under tension to hold in place.


Upon impact with the water, the rocker releases the hook for a perfect prestation with no tangles.


Check out for more information on building and setting up a pulley rig for surf sharks and rays.

Impact Release Clip (10 pack)


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