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Surf fishing rigs, setups, kits

Surf fishing with the family is a great way of spending a few hours by the ocean, and this page lists the best types of surf fishing rigs to use for catching lots of surf perch, yellowfin and spotfin croaker, corbina, whiting, catfish, sharks, rays, and bass from the beach or jetty.

Try a Double Dropper Loop or Croaker Rig for Yellowfin Croaker in California, a Single Dropper Loop for Corbina and Spotfin Croaker, a Stinger Rig for California Halibut or Lught Line C-Rig kit for a great DIY rig-building option.

Don't forget bait elastic for keeping your bait on the hook when surf casting, a camo egg sinker for light line surf fishing, or a wired sputnik surf sinker for bait and wait or surf shark fishing on the West or East coast.

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