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This week's California Surf Fishing Report and Forecast

Updated: May 8

Welcome to this week's Surf Fishing Report and Forecast for California, covering Wednesday 1st to Tuesday 7th May, with details on some great striper, halibut and surf perch fishing on the West Coast.

Don't forget to scroll down for a heads-up on the baits that are doing the business this week...

surf fishing report california grunion run 2024
surf fishing report california
surf fishing report california
barred surf perch fishing report california
halibut bait surf fishing report california
For the halibut this week, a Battlestar 110 Jerkbait in white and red was the best performer in the gloomy conditions

halibut bait surf fishing report
Berkley Realistix on a drop shot rig produced flatties this week

Thank you for reading the latest Surf Fishing Report. If you'd like to contribute in any way - maybe you've caught a nice fish on one of our rigs, or had a great day in the surf recently? - we'd love to hear from you via, which is also the place to make inquiries about booking guided shark and surf fishing trips and lessons in Southern California.


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