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Surf Fishing Videos - Surf Perch Rigs, Baits, Tips, Live Action

Updated: Mar 7

Recently, I teamed up with the Okuma USA crew to make a short film about fishing for surf perch in California – and we made a tips videos that runs through some of my favorite surf fishing baits and the best seasons to use them.


Surf Fishing in California with the Okuma Rockaway SP

Proven Baits for Surf Fishing in California

Hopefully you garnered a few tips and tactics for surf fishing in California from those videos. If you're interested in learning more, I run specialist guided surf fishing lessons and sessions in Southern California and I'm also happy to answer any questions via 

Click here for a review of the Rockaway SP rod I used in this video, and here for a review of the Ceymar HD reel (a great reel to use with the Rockaway SP rods)

Please, get in touch if there's anything you'd like to know or need help with around surf perch fishing!

surf fishing barred surfperch
The author with a solid barred surf perch caught surf fishing in SoCal


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