2021 Guided Surf & Shark Fishing Trip Information

For 2021, we are offering three types of fishing trips in Southern California with a CDFW-licensed and bonded guide: three-hour basic surf fishing lessons for anyone looking to learn how to catch fish from the beach; half-day surf shark fishing for leopard sharks and large rays; and longer land-based shark fishing trips targeting soupfin sharks and a range of seasonal shark species with an emphasis on larger specimens.


Please see below for further information, click the link in the headline for individual trip details and head to the bottom of this page for booking details.

SURF FISHING LESSONS (one to two people)

  • All-year-round 

  • Three-hour session

  • Orange and LA County beaches

  • All bait and tackle provided

  • Target species include surf perch, yellowfin croaker, spotfin croaker, and corbina

  • Price including deposit $200

SURF SHARK FISHING (one to two people)

  • May through November dates available

  • Five to six-hour session

  • Orange County, San Diego County, and LA County beaches

  • All bait and tackle provided

  • Target species include leopard sharks and large rays

  • Price including deposit $400

LAND-BASED SHARK FISHING (up to eight people)

  • Summer and Fall dates now available (price list below)

  • Six to eight-hour session (longer sessions can be arranged - enquire for info)

  • Orange County, San Diego County, and LA County venues

  • All bait and tackle (conventional and spinning) provided

  • Target species include soupfin sharks and other seasonal shark species to 500lb

  • Prices for group land based shark fishing trips are listed below


Any of above trips are available to book on a custom basis throughout 2021. To make a booking or availability inquiry please:

  • Email ben@americanseafishing.com, call / SMS / WhatsApp (+1) 714-642-5770, or fill out a contact form on our homepage with a brief note on the type of trip you're interested in

  • We'll contact you straight back to arrange a prime date that works for you

  • All our customers receive a full FAQ / info document upon booking and we provide equipment lists and PDFs summarising our successful tactics and strategies so you can easily replicate what you've learnt on the trip. We also provide great photos of your day