Target large shark and game species - soupfin, sevengill, thresher; any legal, seasonal species - in Southern California with a professional guide. All-inclusive package - bait, tackle and equipment provided - for a seven-hour session. One or two people.

What’s your bucket list SoCal fish? What are you unsure about when it comes to targeting game fish and sharks from the shore? 


Are you confident in your rig-making, crimping and knot-tying skills? Do you know what baits to use and when?


Land-based game fishing is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing branches of sport fishing, and Southern California is a great place to learn how to target sharks and game species from the beach in Ventura, LA, Orange or San Diego County. 


For a fraction of the cost of a big-game charter boat booking, you can experience the thrill and satisfaction of catching, photographing and releasing your own Pacific giant.

A typical day’s Land Based Game Fishing will involve meeting our guiding team at a prime venue - usually a beach in Southern California - and running through kayak deployment procedures with a range of rigs and baits to target seasonal shark and inshore game species. 

Our experienced guides will show you every aspect of this exciting form of angling; how to build suitable rigs and leaders, what baits to use and when, how to rig big baits, how to read the tides and conditions, 

We'll also show you how to handle big fish responsibly and any other aspect of safely catching and releasing large game fish from the shore. 

As with all our sessions, we offer an all-inclusive package - top quality tackle and guiding services, the best bait and equipment - so you can just turn up and know you stand a great chance of putting a fish-of-a-lifetime on the sand.  


As we cherry-pick the dates we fish to maximise our chances of experiencing some amazing action, spaces are limited and we do get booked far in advance for the peak periods. 


Please contact us on +1 (714) 642-5770 if you have any questions, or to make your booking.

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