Varivas Masterspec Fluorocarbon Leader, available in 4.4lb or 7.2lb breaking strains, is a premium Japanese fluorocarbon leader line that's ideal for building rigs to target all sorts of saltwater and freshwater species.


The 4.4lb is ideal for rods and combos rated for about 4-10lb line and the 7.2lb for rods rated 6-10lb - both common configurations for light surf, lake, river or creek fishing for a range of species. 


It comes on a handy-size 30m spool for traveling light and we love this line for all sorts of Carolina rigs, especially for West Coast surf perch in winter and corbina in summer.


This is a high-quality fluorocarbon made by one of Japan's leading manufacturers of fluorocarbon fishing lines and is exactly what we use in our own fishing and on guided sessions.


We rely on this line regularly to put some very nice fish on the sand and we know it won't let you down either.


Check out for more information and tips on how to use fluorocarbon leaders like this for light line surf fishing in California.

Varivas Masterspec Fluorocarbon Leader Line 7.2lb


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