• Everything you need to build shark & ray surf fishing rigs at home
  • Replicate the rig that has caught numerous giant SoCal surf species
  • Enables you to cast a whole mackerel, sardine, cutbait or squid


Saving you both time and money, we've sourced the precise components you need to easily tie the rigs that have put numerous giant leopard sharks, huge rays to 200lb and many other predatory species on the sand during our guided sessions.


Extensive instructions are provided so even a beginner can use this kit to make up to four new pulley rigs and have the satisfaction of catching and releasing surf sharks on a rig you tied.


You just need a good set of crimping pliers (swages) and wire cutters - everything else is provided.


Included in the kit:

Premium quality Mutsu Circle Hooks (4)

Ball Bearing Swivels (8)

Luminous Soft Beads (4)

Nylon-coated, pre-cut Wire Leaders (4)

Ultra-durable Mono Rig Bodies (4)

Rig rig release clips (4)

Double Barrel Crimps (8)


This kit makes up to four new rigs. As with all our products, we only sell tackle we use successfuly in our own fishing and we've found this brand of circle hooks to be the best bar none and highly durable too, so we always re-use them at least once or twice after a first session. 


Thus, we supply the rig kits with enough hooks to make two full rigs initially - more than enough for one session - and then spare Wire Leaders, Mono Rig Bodies and Crimps to make two new rigs utilising the same hooks, beads, Splashdown clips and Ball Bearing Swivels.

If you need any spares, all components are sold separately and we are happy to answer any questions about using our kits - just call or text (714) 642-5770 if you have any queries.

Leopard Shark & Bat Ray Pulley Rig Kit


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