High-quality, long-tail wired Surf Sinkers (Sputnik sinkers) custom made to match our range of ready-tied rigs and terminal tackle. These are the best surf fishing sinkers available anywhere and will last for many seasons.


As used on all our guided sessions with great success, we're pleased to offer premium wired surf sinkers in 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8oz weights, in packs of two. These are exceptionally well-made and a must-have for any serious surf anglers.


From light bait-and-wait fishing using a Flyer Rig or dropper loop for croaker and perch with 2 and 3oz sinkers, to heavy-duty surf shark fishing using a wire Pulley Rig and 6, 7 or 8oz models, the streamlined design ensures these sinkers cast further than a pyramid weight and they hold bottom better for a longer soak time and more bites.


2oz and 3oz - Suitable for a Flyer Rig, dropper loop or light surf fishing

6oz to 8oz - Suitable for any wire or mono Pulley Rig or Carolina Rig


The long-tail design also aids stability in flight and ensures the release mechanism on a Pulley Rig operates correctly when it impacts the water. These are the best sinkers for any sort of surf fishing where you aim to hold a bait in place (e.g. leopard shark or soupfin fishing on the West Coast, or shark fishing in Florida) because the wires dig into the bottom and act like an anchor, but then release when a fish hits and the wires fold back.


The use of high-quality components means these sinkers will last for years without breaking, making them a good investment. They'll help you catch a load of fish, that's for sure.


Top tip: if the current, kelp or waves are especially bad, try zip-tying the sinker wires in-place to prevent them from folding back under the pressure. You can also pinch the wires together to make them grip tighter, if needed.


Check out www.americanseafishing.com/videos for tips and information on surf fishing for sharks and light line species using surf or Sputnik-style surf fishing sinkers like these


Surf Sputnik Sinkers 6oz (Twin Pack)


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