· Three-pack of the best bait release clips available!

· Ideal for making Pulley Rigs for Leopard Sharks, Rays etc 

· Can be used with up to 6/0 or 8/0 Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hooks


One of the many advantages of a Pulley Rig is the ability to cast further than a Carolina Rig because of the way the bait is mounted inline with the lead upon casting.


After extensive testing of various bait clip options to facilitate this, so the bait remains in position on the cast but releases on impact with the water, we've concluded that these Splashdown models are the perfect solution.


They allow you to cast a whole mackerel or squid bait on hooks as large as a 6/0 or 8/0 (Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hook), with the bait pinned in position by the bottom hook. When the rig hits the water, the impact moves the red disk up and releases the hook and rig.


Using Splashdown clips, we have put numerous huge surf sharks to over 5ft on the sand plus giant rays and other shark species, casting baits like whole or half mackerel or squid.


They are the ideal option for anyone looking to make their own rigs to target sharks and rays using hooks up to size 8/0 casting from the beach, pier or jetty. 

Splashdown Rig Release Clips for Pulley Rigs


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