• Versatile surf set-up Mono Pulley Rig is great for general species fishing
  • Designed for casting baits like whole squid from the shore, beach, pier etc
  • Tied to our professional guide's exact specifications using premium components


The rig that broke an IGFA All-Tackle Record in testing is now available in a super-convenient, ready-tied format - all you need to do is add a sinker and bait!


The Mono Pulley Rig is a wire-free version of the the deadly set-up that's caught dozens of huge fish for our team and guides - with the 60lb mono leader and 4/0 Mutsu circle hooks more suited to general surf species and targeting bat rays of all sizes, California butterfly rays, shovelnose guitarfish and similar species that don't like wire so much.


As with all our products, components are selected for optimum performance and this is an exact recreation of the pulley rig that, in testing, caught a huge female California Butterfly Ray well over the existing IGFA All Tackle record of 24lb 8oz (we chose not to kill it to claim the record as it was heavily pregnant female)


Bait-wise, we like using one or two whole squid with this rig but sardines, mackerel fillets and any sort of cut bait will suit this set up. We recommend the use of bait elastic to secure the bait to the rig.


We've not compromised in any department with our ready-tied rigs - if we wouldn't be happy to use it in our own fishing, we don't sell it! 

Ready Tied Mono Pulley Rig


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