This clever surf fishing rig is the exact one we use in our guided sessions when targeting Yellowfin Croaker, Spotfin Croaker, Corbina, Surf Perch (Barred, Walleye etc), and similar species from the beach.


It's a big upgrade from a standard dropper loop and has caught so many fish for everyone who's used it - they'll agree that this is the best surf fishing rig for all sorts of surf species such as croaker, perch, corbina, and whiting.


Consisting of a fluorocarbon leader, a single circle hook that's secured by a clip when casting for aerodynamic purposes, stealthy clear beads, and ball bearing swivels, the Flyer Rig is ideal for use with sand crabs (sandfleas), sandworms, mussels, bloodworm, Fishbites strips, or any other small bait.

One of the advantages of this rig over a basic dropper-loop surf fishing rig is its ability to cast a long distance 100% tangle-free, whilst the small circle hook and 10lb fluorocarbon leader are a deadly combination for easily catching lots of species.

The Flyer Rig is the best surf fishing rig for any angler looking to catch lots of small to medium-size fish and a mix of species on the beach in a range of conditions, whilst avoiding tangles. We especially love it for fishing with children and families due its effectiveness and the fact that you can just cast out and leave it until you get a bite.




  • Premium Ball Bearing Swivels
  • Heavy mono rig body for durability 
  • Invisible see-through rigging beads for ultimate stealth
  • Size 8 Mutsu circle hook ensures easy unhooking every time plus lots of hook-ups
  • 10lb Fluorocarbon leader has same refractive index as water and is invisible to fish 
  • Tensioning spring holds rig in place with clip when casting for maximum range
  • Easy-to-use new clip design releases baited hook on impact with water for perfect presentation and more hook-ups versus a standard, tangle-prone dropper loop rig


The rig is a great option for using with Fishbites baits - we find a small fingernail-size strip of either Bloodworm or Sandworm scents on the circle hook is a deadly bait for a wide range of surf species.


To go surf, beach or jetty fishing, you just need to add a small sinker - one of our Sputnik-style sinkers with a long wire stem in the 2-4oz range  works best with this rig - and tie it to your main line.


We also highly recommend you use a monofilament casting shock leader with this rig to take the impact of casting. This helps avoid losing the rig when you're casting - known as a 'crack-off', which is both dangerous and costly. It also helps land bigger fish and keeps your expensive braid in good condition.


A good general rule for working what casting leader is required, is that you need about 10lb of breaking strain in your main line for every ounce you're casting. So a 2oz lead would need 20lb breaking strain mono line or casting leader, 3oz sinker = 30lb leader and so on.


Our recommended set-up for casting a 3oz sinker attached to this rig would be 15-20lb braided main line, 20-30lb monofilament casting shock leader (enough line so when you're set up to cast, you have one or two wraps on the reel and then the braided main line) attached with a back-to-back Grinner Knot or Improved / Crazy Alberto knot.


Tip: A few wraps of Bait Elastic around some mussel meat, squid or small fish strips will help the bait stay intact when casting, and keeps it in place when lots of nuisance fish are about. It also helps the circle hook stay proud of the bait for maximum hook-ups.


Check out for tips and information on surf fishing, including using the Flyer Rig for surf fishing and more details on the best rigs to use for surfing.

Flyer Rig (Twin-Pack)


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