Perfect for tackling the beach, pier, jetty or boat for Leopard Sharks, Bat Rays, Butterfly Rays, Shovelnose Guitarfish and similar species, this double Mutsu Circle Hook-equipped mono Carolina Rig leader is designed for medium-size baits such as half a mackerel, sardine, bonito chunks or squid.


The 60lb mono ensures that medium size fish - leopard sharks under 50", bat rays, butterfly rays etc - can't bite through the leader, and the twin offset circle hooks provide great hook-up ratios.


- Double 6/0 Cox & Rawle Mustsu Circle Hooks

- 60lb Mono leader for durability & stealth

- High quality 175lb ball-bearing swivel 

- Comes with a slider and soft beads


Just attach your bait, add a sinker to the slider, thread the slider onto your main line, add the two beads, tie the main line to the swivel and it's ready to cast or drop over the side  

Carolina Rig - 6/0 Circle Hooks + Mono - For Leopard Sharks, Bat Rays et


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