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Thank you for booking with American Sea Fishing

Dear Angler,


Thank you for booking with American Sea Fishing. We really appreciate you and we will do everything we can to make your trip with us a success.

Please see below for FAQs and important license information for your surf fishing trip

Our sessions are flexible so please let us know in advance if there’s anything specific you’d like to learn or try. In the meantime, please read the information below and see you on the sand for some great fishing soon!


Ben Hervey-Murray

American Sea Fishing


What should I bring on a guided surf fishing trip with American Sea Fishing?​

  • A valid California fishing license with saltwater validation stamp in advance of fishing from: Your licence must include the saltwater enhancement stamp (this is included in the short-term licenses) These can also be purchased from many sporting goods stores, tackle shops, and marina landings in advance

  • Suntan lotion, sunglasses (polarised), peaked hat. This guide to surf fishing clothes and outfits will help you work out what's best.

  • Buff-style neck protector for sun protection and warmth in the evening, a hoodie is a good idea too

  • Suitable clothing for spending the day in the sun and possibly getting wet (we recommend a long-sleeved, UV-resistant, rash vest-style top, board shorts due to their quick-drying properties, leggings to keep the sun off your legs and a warm jacket for evening sessions)

  • Beach towel and/or change of clothes if you want to get in the water with the fish 

  • If fishing into the evening, please also be aware that temperatures at night can be quite low by comparison, so please bring a warm / windproof jacket, hoodie and pants to change into 

  • A good quality head-torch / head-lamp with fresh batteries or fully charged for afternoon-into-evening sessions

  • Drinks and food to keep you well fuelled for the day (please be aware that alcohol is prohibited on most beaches)

  • Camera or smartphone

  • Fishing licence: please ensure you are properly licensed before your trip. The CDFW license page has all the information you need and enables you to book a fishing license for any duration or location. You will need the Ocean Enhancement stamp to fish in saltwater. 


What equipment is provided on a guided surf fishing trip with American Sea Fishing?​​

  • All fishing equipment (rods, reels, rigs etc)

  • All bait​

Can I bring my own fishing tackle?

Yes, please bring any tackle you’d like to use and we’ll accommodate where possible. This is a great idea on tutorial sessions. However, we provide everything for fishing, so you don’t need to bring tackle.

Can my family / friends come, too?

Yes! Almost all of our venues are suitable for young children and have parking nearby. We are happy to accommodate any requests regarding venue access and parking, please enquire.

Will there be bathrooms where we fish?

Yes, we choose beaches and venues where there are good quality public bathrooms available nearby.

Where will we be fishing?

Our guide will select a venue the day or two before the session, or sometimes on the day, somewhere as convenient as possible for the client. We will always contact the client in advance regarding venue choice and give them as much notice as possible once we can see short range forecasts. 

Will I have to do much physical work?

Our guide/s will carry and transport all the equipment needed. Beyond this, you can do as little or as much as you like. We are flexible and happy to accommodate any special physical requirements - please speak to our guides in advance regarding this.

What are the booking terms?
A deposit is required to secure bookings - this is non-refundable and forms part of the overall fee for the booking (so not a separate charge) The main reason for this charge is to cover our expenses in the run up to a session - we have to catch fresh bait, prepare tackle, build fresh rigs, scout locations etc. This is time-consuming but vital for a successful trip. 


The full balance of the deposit is due 24 hours before the booking takes place, unless otherwise arranged with American Sea Fishing’s representative. 

If for any reason you wish to cancel a booking, please do so with more than 48 hours notice so we can re-book your trip at a later date using the same deposit. For any trips canceled with less than 48 hours notice, we reserve the right to hold the deposit. 


For trips canceled by the client with less than 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to hold up to 100% of the total fee. If for any reason we have to cancel or postpone the trip due to, for example, poor weather, illness, beach closures, pollution incidents or similar, we are happy to refund deposits or rebook using the same deposit. By booking with American Sea Fishing, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  


Call, text or WhatsApp +1 (714) 642-5770 for bookings and more info
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